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It Starts With Fabric

Often times, fabric is an afterthought for both consumer and manufacturer. Even after five years working in the apparel industry, it still surprises me that many clients are unaware, or lack interest in, what type of fabric they want to use for a particular design. We all know our basics - French Terry, Cotton Jersey, Denim, Nylon - but walk into a fabric warehouse and you will find hundreds of fabric variations each with its own unique characteristics. Today, I had the pleasure of visiting a fabric supplier’s warehouse and speaking with some industry experts.

Fabric samples.

From yarn to fabric.

The fabric/textile industry is a world of its own that I’ve only explored a small part of. The more I learn about the industry, the more I realize how much I don’t know. What I thought was a one-dimensional, rudimentary industry ended up being quite the opposite. I could easily spend hours nerding out over different fabric constructions, blends, shrinkage percentages, and weight and walk away still needing to know more. I love it.

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